“I hope today you remember that the sky is not humiliated by the vastness, and the mountains remain unashamed of their height.  Mother Earth and her oceans are not afraid of their size and the sun is not concerned if someone has to squint their eyes-it will shine, and not apologize for its light.  And like the trees teach us, it’s ok to lose our leaves as seasons change and come back to life.  I hope that we don’t dim or shrink or fold into spaces far too tight.  Yes, today I hope you look at yourself and you are kind.”

-Sophie Diener

Faded Rae supports you in-discovering and celebrating your best self, regardless of what society attempts to confine you to. Let us help you create the style only you can own.  Always chase your biggest dreams and live your best life! Faded Rae is a distinguishing women’s clothing retailer that is influenced by the beauty of real people. We are inspired by women who explore their worlds, engage in their communities and empower the people around them.